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based in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Andrew Godby
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About Me

Effective Engineering

Experienced Software Engineer with Leadership and Project Management Skills

Skills including SQL, Laravel, React, Node.js, PHP, Javascript, Docker, WordPress, and various other technologies. My exceptional written and verbal communication skills enable me to work effectively with team members and stakeholders. I excel in leadership and project management, which make me a valuable asset to any organization.


Skills & Experience

Work Experience

  • Lead Software Engineer

    Buckeye Innovation

    Lead software engineer for a medium-sized software development agency. My role is to manage projects and people. This is a client facing position. Aside from the project management side of the role, I write code!

  • Full Stack Engineer


    Design and develop new web and software features according to company needs. Fast pace environment with short deadlines. Technologies used include PHP, Laravel, .NET, RESTful API's, and business automation. A large portion of work include creating new API's and working with existing API's to manage data flows between various applications and services.

  • Senior Engineer


    COVID-19 rapid testing company with dynamic business model. I created workflow management software using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL from scratch. After a few months, I hired a team of developers to assist in operations. Skills used on the job include AWS, MySQL, Git, UI/UX design, Linux & Apache knowledge, Python scripting, software planning, debugging, and more.

Personal Skills

Project Management95%
SOP Development90%


  • PHP

  • Javascript

  • MySQL

  • Dart

👉Heads Up! I'm working on adding in some more portfolio projects. Check back soon!

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